It's almost OUR time...

It's hard to believe that our baby is pretty well cooked - it will be no time at all until I gain the title 'Mother' and proudly wear it. Pregnancy has not been 'hard' physically for me; the hardest parts have been in the mental battle of growing this amazing human.

The first trimester can be labeled Impatience... and truly, I found that it was a fight with myself to not count every minute, hour and day that ticked past as one closer to having this baby in my arms. The inner adjustments and mental shifts that took place were far greater than that of the changes to my outward appearance. I remember being so thankful to my husband for giving me my greatest gift of all and feeling like he could (rarely) do wrong by me.

The second trimester we battled with a bit of uncertainty as we found out that we had (have) a marginal cord insertion. Now, every person in the medical field (except one - we won't get into that...) has told me that this rarely does affect the pregnancy, but that didn't stop me from worrying day in and day out about our little guy. I cried often and fought back many urges to blame myself for something that I just could not have controlled. I feel like all of that was just preparing me for that helpless side of being a mother. We also found out that our little love was a boy!! Which, he sure fooled us as we were sure that it was a girl living in there! I couldn't have been happier to hear that we were having a boy though, and I was somewhat relieved as we had only 1 boy name that we agreed on, yet we could not nail down a girls name. So as of that 20 week appointment, he was named. That felt amazing - and I think that it truly did make it so much more real for Chris; I watched him evolve into this protective, nurturing father right before my eyes without the baby even being earthside! 

When the third trimester came around, my belly was rounding out, my mind was focused, and I was even a little bit ready for time to slow down so that I could truly enjoy and soak in these last few weeks housing my baby. At the end of February when I was 30 - 31 weeks, Chris and I spent some time in Palm Springs soaking up the sun and relishing these moments of life as just the two of us, knowing that it was all going to change (for the better, mind you). It was the perfect time to go on vacation and spend time with some of those closest to me (my husband and my mom), who always know what to say and how to say it to keep me focused during my biggest changes. We even extended our trip as we just were not ready to leave the slow paced lifestyle and the relaxation that comes from needing to go nowhere or be anything in particular. We took one afternoon to take some maternity photos of our own (even my mom got her camera skills tested!!) and I love how they turned out. We first headed into the Indian Canyons and explored the amazing sights all the while. You'll see a collection of those photos from the day below!

The last couple of weeks have been insanely busy with work and I am so happy for that. Although I should be starting to slow down, nothing brings me greater joy than doing what I love day in and day out. It will be impossible to take 2 months completely off once our little bean makes his arrival, but I know that a bit of down time will be necessary and I cannot wait to spend our days snuggling and learning each other.